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This site was created to assist and inspire as you create your next masterpiece.

Creating any presentation takes time, patience and a little inspiration along the way. Hopefully, this site will become your resource each time you're planning a production. While growing up, my mother told me I watched too much television. "They'll never pay you to watch tv when you grow up!". (That was the only time that she's been wrong!).

I've enjoyed capturing & creating presentations and programs for companies like: Comcast SportsNet, NESN, This Old House,& IBM to cooking with
Chef Ming Tsai and many other chefs within the culinary world to working with a variety of companies, large and small. I put my experience into
helping you create dynamic presentations, whether it be for broadcast television, the web or any other available medium.

Come enjoy a behind the scenes look at each of these shows, what it takes to create them and how you can use these lessons in your business.

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Steve D'Onofrio
Media Producer
email: steve@creatingtelevision.com
(Business) 617-750-0086


Steve “Dino” D’Onofrio has been behind the camera capturing This Old House and New Yankee Workshop projects since 1998. His expertise with a hand-held camera is amazing, whether hanging out of a helicopter, walking backwards through a construction site, shooting the details of a house tour, or getting crystal clear close-up shots of work in progress. Through the rigors and complexities of his job, Dino is always focused and best of all, a pleasure to work with and a team player.

Norm Abram
Host - New Yankee Workshop
Master Carpenter - This Old House
History of Boston -
Join Suffolk Univ. History Chairman, Prof. Bob Allison as we visit many of the sites & stories that shapred our Nation.
Pro Sports: Baseball greats -
Pedro Martinez & Big Papi, David Ortiz sit down to talk about Ortiz's career.
Creating the latest culinary masterpiece
with Chef Ming Tsai
New England Patriots Owner, Robert Kraft holds the Vince Lombardi Trophy after The Patriots won the Superbowl. Visit the:
Video Gallery or
Professional Sports
to enjoy a variety
of videos.

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NE Patriots Owner Robert Kraft & I
during a visit to the
Patriots Hall of Fame