Behind The Scenes at:
This Old House

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The I spent 15 seasons as the Director of Photography for both shows and enjoyed being nominated 8 times for a national Emmy Award. The show won an Emmy Award in 2009, featuring my camerawork, for which i am very proud to have been apart of.

My brother Larry started as a laborer for Norm, then graduated to Associate Producer. Lars skill started with a hammer and then became a clip board.

  Here are a few of the projects I worked on during my tenure  

The Cambridge, Mass.
Project House

Norm, myself and Paul Grothouse
check out his CNC machine that will be used to make the custom Kitchen
counter top.

Bedford, MA
Before renovation

The Essex Project House

Bedford, MA

Some of the projects I got to work on:

  • Bilerica, MA
  • Winchester
  • Key West
  • Cambridge
  • Charlestown
  • Essex, MA
  • Barrington, RI
  • Bedford, MA
  • New Orleans
  • Concord
  • Arlington
  • Roxbury
  • Newton Centre
  • New York City
  • Weston
  • Auburndale
  • Los Angeles
  • Bermuda
  • Washington, DC
  • East Boston

Bedford, MA

Bedford, MA
Family Room

The Bedford Flag which travelled
to the Battle of the Concord Bridge
and resided at the Bedford
project house for many years

Norm, myself and General Contractor Andy TIplady at the Barrington, RI project house.

Barrington, RI

Shooting a "What is it?" with Jimmy Fallon

Ross Trethewey, Kevin & myself
on top of the Rose Island Lighthouse
in Rhode Island

Barrington, RI

Hurricane Testing
Facility, Florida
Kevin the 100mph test
with rain and wind.


The history of This Old House goes back to the late 70's, (you remember, the first time bell bottoms were in style). One of the first people to appear on this new venture was Norm Abram. Norm was the General Contractor during those first This Old House projects.. Master Plumber Richard Trethewey and his father were also members of those first few seasons. My brother Larry started as a laborer for Norm, then graduated to Associate Producer. Lars skill started with a hammer and then became a clip board. My tool of the trade is the camera.

Each season This Old House shoots 26 new episodes. We used a single camera approach when shooting This Old House and Ask This Old House. It's been described as "Gorilla Style", because we capture a scene with the least amount of time, but always with an eye for detail.

I've had the pleasure of shooting some magnificent homes. What made them so grand wasn't always the size of them, but the level of detail that went into them.
Tip: Great shots are determined by the amount of detail that you capture.


Harry Connick Jr and This Old House Host - Kevin O'Connor discuss the importance of Musicians Village in New Orleans..
Host Kevin O'Connor enjoys a tour of the infamous Hollywood sign during our LA project
Master Plummer, Richard Trethewey gets a chance of a lifetime, climbing 220 feet up for a look at the inner workings of one of the windmills that provide power for thousands of
Texas customers.

Highlights from the
Behind the Scenes Video shot during the
This Old House - Manchester By The Sea Project

This Old House Master Plumber
Richard Trethewey takes a tour through one of Floridas incredible