Anatomy of a
Sports Shoot
line decor
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Baseball Greats:  Pedro Martinez
interviews Big Papi - David Ortiz
Pregame:  Bruins action during our
National Anthem
Press conference:  All of the press
lined up to capture the latest interviews
Celtics Press conference


Patriots Owner -
Robert Kraft hoists the Lombardy Trophy.
* * *
Visit the Patriots Halls of Fame

What does it take to be a Champion?
NE Patriots Teddy Bruschi is a Pro Bowl player with
3 Championship Rings.

The crew, behind the scenes creating
all of the magic that goes into
watching a game.

Patriots Coach Bill Belechick
celebrates after winning the Superbowl.

Here is an example of a typical shooting day.

9am-11am: Set up. On certain occasions you'll need to set up either a blue screen (see photo below), or a green screen that will be located behind the athlete being interviewed.

11am: Shoot the interview. Most teams have a morning practice that runs from 9-11am.

Joe Torre

One of my favorite Coaches to interview because
he always gives a great soundbite.
This interview took place before a game.

Kobe Bryant

One of basketballs greatest players takes time after a practice to talk to the media.

New York Yankees Shortstop:
Derek Jeter.
This interview features raw footage.
Before the audience will get to see it, the editor
will apply game highlights and
other graphics to it.

Harvard vs Penn.
This game determined who the Ivy League Champion would be.

I captured all of the field
level-game highlights &
post game interviews.

Jack Nicklaus

This interview was held during
The senior event where Mr. Nicklaus was
one of the leaders heading into the 14th hole.

I've enjoyed capturing some great moments and some incredible athletes.

The PGA and other major Golf venues will set up an interview area so that all media outlets can capture interviews with the competitors.