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The Most Innovative Cookbook Today
With Videos of Every Recipe and Interactive Shopping Lists

Here are just a few
of the recipes

Thai Beef Salad

Simply Ming in Your Kitchen:
includes: 80 Recipes to
Watch, Learn, Cook & Enjoy

Chef Ming has created
an interactive Cookbook
featuring Chicken, Beef,
Soups, Salads,
and Desserts

Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls

Crazy Noodle Stir-Fry

Tapioca Coconut Cake

Click on any of the dishes to enjoy a video showing how to
create these fine cuisines

Chef Ken Oringer
Chef Michael Schlow
Chef Tiffani Faison
Thai Clams Casino
Venison Medallions
w Barley, Mushrooms,
Maple-Thai Bird Chile Gastrique

Grilled Dayboat Tuna
w Grilled White Eggplant,
Chili, Lemongrass,
Basil Vinaigrette

Come enjoy a behind the scenes look at how
Simply Ming with Chef Ming Tsai is created.